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      Foshan Nanhai Dongxin Machine Equipment Manufacture Co. Ltd was established in 2002. We are professional designer and manufacturer for series equipment, which includes single billet heating furnace, hot shear (saw) machine, puller, extrusion conveyor line and so on. The company won the "BrandName Guangdong Province", "AAA credit enterprise-class quality" and our products also passed CE certification, which are obtained permits to enter the European market.

      • CE Certification

      • ISO9001

      • Since 2002

      • Patented


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      Dongxin adheres to the marketing outline of "focusing on customer needs and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty", and is committed to providing partners with comprehensive and considerate value-added services. Our company will, as always, sincerely establish and maintain a wide range of friendly cooperative relations with domestic and foreign merchants, use modern management methods, pursue perfection, continue to innovate, and contribute to the society with high-quality products.

      Focusing on customer needs and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

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      Become the partner with quality suppliers for many years